LeBron James signed a new deal to become a Laker this weekend. He’ll play basketball for them for 4 years, and make $154 million. I will pay $25 each to play basketball in a men’s league where I got my tooth knocked out last season by my friend, Neil.

Last night, we had a patriotic concert in the park. We celebrated together with 2 other churches in Ponca City. I celebrated by eating a bunch of Bomb Pops.

The Original RWP Bomb

The month of June is over. I spent 3 weeks of the month at camp. I’m currently attempting to relearn how to function in an office environment, surrounded by grown-ups who AREN’T asking, “When do we go to dinner?” and “Do I HAVE to shower today?”

I’m all out of sorts today. I left my phone at home. Next, I left my briefcase in my truck and brought my gym back into the office…I guess that’s in case I need to run a few laps or do some pushups in the middle of writing a Bible study?

My friend Brad sent me the following thoughts: “When you were born, you were the youngest person on Earth for a moment…and when you die, you will be the last person to die in your lifetime.” My friend Brad may have too much time to think.

In honor of the world’s interest in soccer right now, I’m going to pretend that I’m so severely maimed that I can’t walk the next time someone touches me.

That’s all for today. I love you.